Tanning Bed Wiring Diagram

Tanning Bed Wiring Diagram - Instructions for Wiring a Tanning Bed By Krista Raye Over the last decade, the use of tanning beds to have that fresh off-the-beach look has increased dramatically. Many people have trouble finding time in their busy schedules to make it to their local tanning salon. Instead, they opt to purchase a tanning bed for their home.. Dec 02, 2010  · You going have to post the model and brand name so one of us will check out the wiring connection and many tanning beds are very picky with votlage so you will need to verify with volt meter to make sure it will be right on the specs per tanning bed requirment.. Sunal tanning bed m# X144459200 In need of wiring diagram if possible The problem im having is when you power the bed all I get is a loud buzzing sound.

Guide to Wiring a Tanning Bed. Electrical Question: I am moving into a rental house and I have a tanning bed. The house is 2 story, but the tanning bed would go on bottom floor. I know the tanning bed requires a 220 volt outlet.. Tanning Bed Wiring Diagram i am looking for a wiring diagram for an ultrasun power tower 9000 ssm serial # - Health & Beauty question. For USA electrical wiring the green wire is the ground wire. Make sure to refer to the tanning bed manufacturers Installation Manual for the Electrical Circuit Requirements and the Wiring Connections for the specific tanning bed that you have. Thank you for sharing your tanning bed question with us, Dave.

Help with Tanning Bed Electrical Schematics? EPaine. April 19, 2011. Hi, I'm asking all to help with the wiring of this tanning bed that i have acquired. We got it from a friend and cant figure out how to wire the shock ballasts to the bulbs? That is a high end machine and the company HAS to have some kind of diagrams available for it. If. We offer tanning lotions products to Tanning Beds Owners ONLY! All tanning lotions product are protected by password protected doorway in agreement with the lotion manufactures. To enter, view and buy tanning lotions insert password and strike the submit link.. Determine whether your home's electrical outlet will handle the tanning bed. If your tanning bed runs on 120 volts, then chances are your tanning bed will work in a standard electrical outlet. Some larger tanning beds require 220 volts..

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