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Relay Wiring Electric Fan - SPAL electric fan wiring harness kits are a must-have when installing electric fans. Designed to safely integrate with OEM wiring, the SPAL kits feature a waterproof relay along with printed wires which aid in. Each blue wire from the relays should connect to the fan and other of wire from the fan will be ground (get negative from the frame). When the coil of the relay is at rest (not energized), the common terminal (30) and the normally closed terminal (87a) have continuity.. Apr 13, 2009  · You' need one for the relay and one for the fan. Or you can buy a relay with the diode inside and save some effort. However, the fan will still need one. If you don't have a high current alternator, you can forget about using an electric fan. The stock 65 amp alternator on 86-93 Model Mustangs isn't big enough to run the fan and the rest of the.

Electric Fan Relay with Thermostat From TBI Products. Electric fan thermostat with relay and wiring harness. Available in 170-185 degree or 185-200 degree. Available in 170-185 (on at 185 Degrees F./off at 170 Degrees F.) Available in 185-200 (on at 200 Degrees F./off at 185 Degrees F.) Available with or without relay & wiring harness. Our Fan Relay Kits are painstakingly built in-house by hand in an effort to provide more CFM from your cooling fans and less heat in the wiring and terminations. To that end, we: 70A Dual Fan Relay Kit for Carbureted Vehicles with Deluxe Trigger. APPLICATION: ALL ELECTRIC FANS PARTS INCLUDED: COOLING FAN RELAY, WIRING, FUSE HOLDER, TERMINALS NOTES: This kit is used with most electric fan hookups. Kits are professionally constructed from Brand New GM Delphi Connectors and TXL (Polyethylene Cross Linked) High Temperature Wire to GM Specifications..

lo pro fan wiring diagram basic electric fan relay wiring typical electric fan relay wiring w/ trinary switch vintage air recommends heavy duty fan wiring kit with 70 amp relay. vintage air part # 23102-vuw tan 900473 rev a 9/ 27/11, inst 24” fan/ shroud package pg 1 of 1 no. qty.. This Painless Performance Relay is designed to turn on when the coolant hits 185°F and turn off when it hits 170°F. This Painless Performance Electric Fan Relay provides constant voltage, protects from voltage and amperage spikes and prevents the fan from back feeding voltage through the wiring harness. Kit Includes: - 40 Amp Relay. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS SINGLE STAGE ELECTRIC FAN THERMOSTAT PART # 16738 WIRING SINGLE FAN CONFIGURATION DUAL FAN CONFIGURATION Before starting, disconnect the Negative (-) cable on the vehicles battery. Using the electrical connectors and wire ties provided, follow the directions below..

A/C Request package to add to most Electric Cooling Fan relay packages which "requests" that the Fan come on when the Air Conditioning comes on. This product is for use with Ron Francis Wiring. May 04, 2017  · HELP !! wire harness/electric fan. Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by onegalonly, Jul 5, contact point on relay to fan.2nd wire on fan to grd. Ign on to power wire on relay smaller wire,the last is to temp sender, Some have a electric fan relay but the kit should specify that.. April 29th, 2004 : Wiring An Electric Fan with Two Relays After having my new Walker radiator installed with a 16-inch electric fan, I was very dissatisfied with the wiring situation. After reading about it all at , I decided to follow Mark Hamilton's advice..

ACTIVATING AN ELECTRIC FAN WHEN A/C IS TURNED ON to 12V ignition Electric fan 87 30 86 85 86 87 30 85 AC thermo switch Electric Fan Relay "A/C on" additional fan activation relay Trinary Switch High pressure compressor cutoff Low pressure compressor cutoff Preset pressure for fan relay ground page 3 from A/C harness "on" switch Manual "A/Cr on. A/C Request package to add to most Electric Cooling Fan relay packages which "requests" that the Fan come on when the Air Conditioning comes on. This product is for use with Ron Francis Wiring harnesses only. Note: Not necessary for our part numbers: AR-23 & AR-24 as they already include it..