Rb30 Ecu Wiring Diagram

Rb30 Ecu Wiring Diagram - Jul 07, 2012  · cheers fellas for the wiring diagrams helps alot I have a 5 speed manual in the patrol but the skyline is an auto with an auto box. I have the complete motor, complete car wiring loom as well as the ecu wiring loom, everything, just want to take out the RB30 in the patrol and drop in the injected motor of the skyline.and maybe add a turbo later on for all the thrills.. Elite 2500 Elite 1500 Elite 750 Elite 550 Elite 1000 Elite 2000 Elite 950: HT-151300 HT-150900 HT-150600 HT-150400 HT-150800 HT-151200 HT-150700: Elite 2500 Premium Universal Wiring Diagram. May 16, 2016  · Hi, Hi, You would need to bypass the neutral start switch and also wire up the 3 wire R154 speed sensor wiring to suit the VVTi ecu. This means you can keep the auto ecu in place..

Mar 25, 2012  · Normally you are looking for about 0.5 volts at the ECU for a RB26 TPS sensor at the ECU. There are two connectors on the TPS sensors. One is a simple open/closed switch, the other has a reostat in it, and it measures the postion of the throttle actuator, and feeds that 0.5 volt to 4.5 volt signal to the ECU.. What does the unit do? The unit is a full replacement ECU for your factory computer. It is not a piggyback system and as such allows full control of the engine and computer controlled systems.. Dec 30, 2016  · As the horsepower requirements increase, the fuel requirements increase. The fuel system, and that is an important set of words, needs to be adequate enough to supply enough fuel.If you don't supply enough fuel, you will inevitably end up with a dead engine..

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